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Tree Care

Tree removal is just part of what we do.  When we say we care for trees, we mean it.  We want to see every tree on your property at it’s healthiest so it can provide the most benefits for you.  Some people think trees don’t require any maintenance.  While some trees do well with no interfence, many need regular care to keep them in the best health.  Keeping your trees healthy and well groomed protects your home and property from unexpected falling trees and branches.

What Things Are Included in Tree Care

There are many things that we can do to keep your trees feeling and doing their best.  The goal of any tree care service is to optimize your trees health and also protect your landscape.  Healthy trees are better at air purification, provide the best shade, and are the most beautiful.  If you are in need of any tree maintenance, the professionals here at Ben Bivins Tree Care Experts are here to help.


This process is intended to remove all dead branches from your tree.  Over time, branches may die off for a variety of reasons. These branches are not only unsightly, but they are dangerous.  Depending on the size, falling branches can cause damage to your landscape as well as to your and your family if you pass under the tree regularly. Plus, removing all this dead weight reduces the stress on the trunk.  Removing dead branches from your tree improves it’s beauty and keeps people safe.


Aside from removing dead branches, trees occasionally need a trim. Pruning can be done a few ways depending on the tree.  Many trees that are located in close proximity to your home and you may need the lower branches removed. This can be termed elevating or limbing. Many trees need this done intermittently in order to keep good clearance and reduce tree debris in your gutters.  Removing these low branches can also help your tree grow straight and strong.  Our professionals can also help determine if your tree needs any interior pruning.  When trees are left unchecked, ocassionally the interior branches can grow to an unhealthy number. Thinning out these interior branches reduces stress on the trunk and the tree as a whole just as elevating can.  In addition, too many interior branches can block all sunlight from getting to the rest of the tree.  While the shade can be enjoyable, the thicker a tree grows, the less sunlight gets to all parts of the tree.  Eventually, your tree will need an extensive deadwooding as a lot of the tree will start to die off.

Diseases and Infestaitons

Our team experts are able to diagnosis an assortment of problems that afflict trees.  Each fungal infection and pest is different and needs to be dealt with accordingly.  Mistreatment of most problems that your tree is suffering from will result in tree death.  However, with our expert intervention, we can take care of many tree afflictions.  If you notice any discolored leaves, defoliation anytime other than fall, softening of the roots, or the growth of any fungus on the bark, give us a call.  Our team cares about trees and want to keep your trees feeling, looking, and doing their best.

All these services require the assistance of a professional.  Tree care and maintenance can be very dangerous.  In addition, by removing parts of a tree or treating a suspected disease on your own, you could end up doing more damage and possibly kill your tree entirely.  

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