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May 31, 2022
Pruning is an Important Part of Tree Service in Forked River

Pruning as part of tree service in Forked RiverThe older the tree is, the less pruning will need to be done. Younger trees may need to be trimmed every 2-3 years whereas older, more mature trees only need limb removal every 3-5 years. So, let’s talk about pruning. Unless you are an avid gardener, the process of pruning may not be very clear. The practice of pruning is selectively removing specific parts of a plant to improve the plants health or remove injury or disease. This can look different for different types of flora. For example, pruning flowers can include deadheading. This is the process of removing spent flowers from the plant in order to encourage the growth of new blooms. For trees, pruning is the removal of limbs and branches for any number of reasons. Pruning is an important part of tree service in Forked River and should only be done by professionals.

Why Pruning is so Important to Tree Service in Forked River

Deadheading is something that is done in order to improve the health of the plant. Pruning limbs and branches off of trees is done to accomplish a number of things for trees and your property.

Removing the dead flowers from a plant ensures all of the energy goes to new growth. Any part of a plant that is faltering will receive additional nourishment in attempt to repair the wound. Lower branches on a tree are often damaged and these injuries can suck up a lot of energy. The operation of healing can take a lot of time and therefore, a lot of energy. Pruning these branches makes it easier for the tree to heal conserving energy and nutrients.

Moving into a new home means inheriting the landscape. This, many times, includes mature and overgrown trees. These trees are often planted too close to the house and require pruning in order to protect the home. Heavy branches overhanging a roof can sometimes lead to disaster. Especially in these precarious situations, it is of utmost importance to only have tree service in Forked River done by professionals.

Large branches can heavy. Really heavy. The only thing holding up those branches is the tree trunk and the root system. If the canopy of a tree gets too heavy, it can cause an uprooting event, killing the entire tree. In addition to that, falling trees cause major damage to houses, can destroy properties, and in the worst cases, lead to personal injury. Pruning the appropriate branches can keep trees growing tall and strong.

When Pruning Goes Wrong

As important as pruning is, it can be detrimental to a tree if done wrong. An overgrown canopy can cause an uprooting, but over pruning can end in the same result. If too many branches are removed off of one side of a tree, the weight on the opposite can become too much for the roots to hold.

Plus, taking off too many branches at one time can cause so much damage that the tree is unable to come back from. While removing select branches is helpful in conserving energy, cutting off too many at one time creates too many wounds for the tree to heal at one time.

A process called tree topping is a type of pruning that all legitimate tree companies do not perform or recommend. This harmful practice chops off branches from the top of a tree without discretion, leaving bare branches. Paying no mind to which branches are being cut greatly reduces the likelihood that the tree will for one, heal, and for two, survive. You should steer clear of anyone claiming to be a reputable tree company that recommends you have your trees topped.

Pruning Needs to Be Done Right to Be Effective

Pruning as part of your tree service in Forked River is only advantageous to the tree when done correctly. The goal of pruning is to choose select branches and limbs to remove. These are decided on based on positioning of the branches, health of the limbs and the tree, and reason for the removal. Neglecting to take this step and instead cut off branches haphazardly can ultimately kill a tree.

When you need professional tree care in Ocean County or Monmouth County, contact Ben Bivins Tree Experts. We are here to help with all your tree service in Forked River needs!

July 31, 2021
Expert Tree Company in Barnegat Seasonal Tree Care – Part 1
Tree company in Barnegat graphic for season tree care part 1; "Spring" in green font at top and "Summer" in blue at the bottom. In the middle is a picture of a shack at the end of a boardwalk surrounded by trees during spring and summer.

Taking care of your trees is always important. Nonetheless, sometimes misguided attempts at care end up causing destruction rather than healing. Just as any other living thing, trees can get stressed. Just as stress has negative impacts on people, this type of pressure can cause irreparable damages to trees. Performing the wrong care task at the wrong time or incorrectly can lead to tree death. Providing tree care is good.  However, knowing what is best to do and when during the year to do it can greatly impact how positive that care is for the tree. Plus, there are different dangers during different seasons and that greatly influences how best to care for your trees. As an expert tree company in Barnegat, Ben Bivins Tree Experts is here for all your tree service needs, no matter what time of year it is.


Spring is a very active time for landscaping and, of course, for gardening. The same is true for tree care. As spring approaches, the four things to considering doing for your trees are plant, feed, protect, and inspect.

Plant – After your planning stage in winter, spring is a great time of year to plant new trees once the danger of frost is gone. Newly planted trees usually require a lot of water. Because spring is typically a rainy season, it is a great time to plant and give your new trees the best chance at survival. Plus, planting now gives them 3 seasons to grow and strengthen before winter.

Feed – For established trees, this time of year is ideal for fertilization. Giving trees a boost at this time can help them fend off spring hazards. You should use fertilizer sparingly, or not at all, on immature, growing trees because there is a risk of burning young roots. If you are unsure if your trees need to be fertilized, give us a call and we can help.

Protect – Because spring is usually such a wet season, fungi thrive this time of year.  A good defense is always best when it comes to preventing diseases and pests from ravaging your trees. It is best to spray your trees to protect against diseases before any signs of damage which is why spring is an ideal time to apply insecticides and preventatives.

Inspect – After winter, it is always a good idea to take a walk around your property to look for signs of broken or dangling limbs and branches. It is always better to remove these before they fall and cause harm to you and your property. Just as spring storms can be advantageous for watering purposes, they can be disastrous to weakened or broken trees. We never advise homeowners attempt to remove limbs on their own. If you need assistance with damaged trees on your property, give your favorite tree company in Barnegat a call at 609-698-4992.


Summer is for water, protect, and inspect. With summer in full swing, there is a little less action happening in the garden aside from watering and maintenance. Performing excessive maintenance jobs on trees is not advisable during the heat of summer. Trees need to be able to focus on growing and establishing strong roots rather than healing from a large pruning job.

Water – For trees that are not mature or well-established, a good watering routine is still important. Especially during long, hot weeks with no rain. Propper watering technique is to give the tree a good soaking. Not providing enough water can lead to shallow root growth which makes for very weak trees.

Protect – Just as in spring, summer is a very busy time for bugs and pests. If you didn’t catch them in spring, they’re going to be very evident by summer. Beetles like the emerald ash borer can do some major damage to ash trees while Elms are susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease. Contact us at the first sign of trouble to stay ahead of killer pests.

Inspect – In order to know anything is wrong, you need to continuously examine your trees, the branches, the trunk, and the leaves. Any impairments should be reported immediately to your go-to tree company in Barnegat so we can figure out the best solution. Broken and damaged limbs should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any catastrophes.

As an Expert Tree Company in Barnegat, We Know Trees

Nobody knows trees like we know trees. This includes where to plant them, where to plant them, how to best take care of them, and when it’s best to remove them. Proper tree maintenance is essential in preserving the safety of your property. Diseased trees can drop limbs resulting in personal injury or property damage. Keep your trees in the best health with our expert tree care services.

Be sure to check back next month to read about what to do with your trees in fall and winter!

July 1, 2021
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