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December 1, 2021
Tree Companies in Ocean County Love These Trees Too

Last month we covered a few species of trees and what purpose they can serve in your yard. This month we’re going to continue this thread with some more tree species that tree companies in Ocean County love to see in yards. Not all trees need to serve a specific purpose, but if they can add beauty and provide an additional benefit, all the better. We can’t pass up the opportunity to remind all homeowners that professional tree care is the best way to enhance both the beauty and safety of all your trees. No matter what the species or the purpose, weak and sickly trees can be a danger to your property. Tree service is in season all year long so contact us today to get a free estimate on potential tree care in your yard.

Ginkgo Biloba is More Than an Herb


Close up of Ginkgo Biloba specimen for tree companies in Ocean County

These trees are real beauties. With gorgeous fan-shaped leaves, these trees love the sun and sandy soil of Ocean and Monmouth counties. They are super hearty and Ginkgo Biloba trees are said to have been one of the only trees to survive Hiroshima. If you do any research at all on adding a Ginkgo tree to your yard, you are very likely to find out that the fruit of the female Ginkgo tree has a very foul odor. Thus, many homeowners that want to add one of these pretty trees to their landscape choose a male-only cultivator like the Autumn Gold Gingko.

Ginkgo trees are slow-growers and make great shade trees. In addition, they are often found lining city streets due to their high-tolerance to stressors. They are also resistant to many pests and diseases. They can reach a height of 50 to 80 feet depending on the species. As far as tree care goes, these trees are fairly low-maintenance and can thrive in almost any kind of soil.

Tree Companies in Ocean County are Very Familiar with the Flowering Dogwood

Pink Flowering Dogwood close up up flowersWhen many think of an ornamental tree, they often think of topiary-type trees. But when it comes to adding beauty and interest to a yard, no tree does it better than the Flowering Dogwood. Coming in varieties of white, pink, and red, these trees bloom in the spring and show off vivid colors in the fall. People aren’t the only ones who enjoy the Dogwood tree. Wildlife is attracted to these trees’ beautiful red berries. Dogwood trees are mostly known as under-canopy trees preferring shade to full-sun. However, with excellent care by its owner along with professional care by tree companies in Ocean County like Ben Bivins Tree Experts.

These favorite trees grow to be on average about 30 feet tall and spread about 30 feet wide so be sure to give them plenty of space. They require minimal care once well-established so are great for all homeowners. They do not need a lot of pruning or trimming and demand little interference in terms of fertilization. There is not much bad to say about a flowering dogwood so if you need a pretty, sturdy, easy tree for your yard, check out this species.

This Lesser-Known Tree is Perfect for Ocean County Yards

Upward view of Golden Rain TreeThe Golden Rain Tree is a deciduous tree. It is used effectively as both a shade tree and a point of visual interest in a yard. These trees flower from early to mid-summer with clusters of yellow blooms. Not much else is flowering at this time and the yellow color is especially rare for a tree. These blooms attract bees. This can be a positive for some, but may be a reason to avoid these trees for others.

Growing up to thirty feet tall and thirty feet wide, it doesn’t have much preference to soil type. They do prefer full sun, but can do just fine in partial shade. To help with this these trees are fairly drought-tolerant. In addition to that, they are not bothered by city pollutants and is resistant to many pests and diseases. This hardiness makes it great for private properties and a popular choice for street trees. As far as care, the Golden Rain tree won’t require you to call tree companies in Barnegat often at all. Their roots very rarely cause issues for hardscaping and don’t need much trimming unless it is damaged.

Tree Companies in Barnegat Love Trees of All Kinds

We could continue to discuss species after species of tree month after month. Because we, like all tree companies in Ocean County, love trees of all kinds. We are happy to be able to provide experienced, expert tree care for properties all over Ocean and Monmouth counties. If you’ve been neglecting your trees, give us a call today!

August 31, 2021
Barnegat Tree Companies Agree on This Seasonal Guide to Tree Care – Part 2

Barnegat tree companies; Seasonal Tree Care - Part 2 on orange banner in white font on bottom of picture of a shack during fall and winter surrounded by treesWe’re back this month to discuss fall and winter tree care. It may seem like there isn’t much to do for your trees during these seasons. Trees, however, can benefit from many services that are best done while the tree is dormant or preparing for dormancy. One of the main tasks that is top priority in tree service for fall and winter is scheduling an assessment by a tree expert. All Barnegat tree companies agree that only an inspection by a professional can save your property from potential hazards.


Fall is another great time in the garden and landscape. Because it is usually not an active growing season for most plants, it is a great time to perform maintenance. It is also a great time to plant new trees. Newly planted trees are very susceptible to suffering from drought and heat stress. Planting during the fall keeps them safe from the severity of summer. Plus, it gives them all of autumn to prepare for winter. For the rest of your trees, during this season you should fertilize, freshen-up, prune, and as always, inspect.

Fertilize – Feeding your young trees now will give them strength over winter. The healthier the tree and roots, the safer the tree. It is important to improve the condition of the soil for trees. Better soil means stronger roots. Stronger roots mean healthier trees and healthier trees are better able to resist pests and diseases.

Freshen-Up – This is an important step this time of year. It is important to rake and remove any dead leaves. One, in case they were contaminated with any diseases or pests, it is best not to leave them laying around, especially close to the tree. Second, piles of dead leaves can retain moisture, which we already know is a great place for fungi and mold and mildew to grow. It’s also a good idea to freshen your mulch pile and ensure there is a 3-inch ring of space around the trunk where no mulch is touching the base of the tree.

Prune – Fall is the perfect time of year to remove extra limbs. If you are unsure if your trees need any branches removed, give us a call to come take a look. We’re one of the top Barnegat tree companies because of the service we provide. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out our testimonials to see what our clients have to say!

Inspect – Taking a close look at all your trees in the fall is best. We can help you inspect all your trees and decide what, if anything, needs to go. Doing this now will remove any limbs or branches that could possibly cause damage during a severe winter storm. Healthy, properly trimmed trees are much less of a liability. Also, some young trees may need some additional reinforcement and fall is a great time to add support cables.


Although you would assume that trees would be fairly care-free during winter, there is still some maintenance tasks that are best done in winter in order to protect them from the harshness of winter. The months of winter are perfect for treatment, pruning, and planning.

Treat Evergreens – Protecting evergreens from losing as much water as possible is best done with an application of anti-desiccant. As far as evergreens go, this is something many homeowners overlook and their trees may be just fine. But, for healthy, lush, gorgeous evergreens, give them a boost by preventing moisture loss. Although there are less pests, there are still pests. Insects like leafhoppers and birch borers need to be treated.

Prune and Trim – Tree companies in Barnegat remain busy during the colder months. Pruning and trimming during dormancy allows them to heal better. This is because they can focus solely on ailing the wound rather than fighting off pests and diseases.  Plus, with the ground frozen, your property can be better protected from our heavy machinery. Lastly, even though all the branches are bare, our tree experts can better asses which branches need to go.

Plan – Spring follows winter. After receiving an assessment from a tree expert, you can begin to plan you summer to-do list. Hopefully at this point your trees have been examined and trimmed properly so you get to focus on the rest of your garden. Keep in mind when assessing your sun and shade that if you recently had trees trimmed so your shade patterns may be different.

We’re Among the Leading Barnegat Tree Companies

We’re one of the best tree companies in Barnegat for many reasons. We’re fully licensed and insured, have all our own equipment, and provide a wide variety of tree services at fair prices. Contact us anytime to discuss your tree care needs!

July 31, 2021
Expert Tree Company in Barnegat Seasonal Tree Care – Part 1
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July 1, 2021
Tree Company in Barnegat Review Common Tree Diseases
Trees are so beneficial to our lives. They are literally the source of life for us as they produce oxygen. Without trees, people would not exist. This is why it is so important to take good care of your trees and identify potential diseases or problems as soon as possible. Allowing even a small issue to persist for a small amount of time can do serious damage to the tree. In addition, many diseases can spread from tree to tree.… Read More