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December 1, 2021
Tree Companies in Ocean County Love These Trees Too

Last month we covered a few species of trees and what purpose they can serve in your yard. This month we’re going to continue this thread with some more tree species that tree companies in Ocean County love to see in yards. Not all trees need to serve a specific purpose, but if they can add beauty and provide an additional benefit, all the better. We can’t pass up the opportunity to remind all homeowners that professional tree care is the best way to enhance both the beauty and safety of all your trees. No matter what the species or the purpose, weak and sickly trees can be a danger to your property. Tree service is in season all year long so contact us today to get a free estimate on potential tree care in your yard.

Ginkgo Biloba is More Than an Herb


Close up of Ginkgo Biloba specimen for tree companies in Ocean County

These trees are real beauties. With gorgeous fan-shaped leaves, these trees love the sun and sandy soil of Ocean and Monmouth counties. They are super hearty and Ginkgo Biloba trees are said to have been one of the only trees to survive Hiroshima. If you do any research at all on adding a Ginkgo tree to your yard, you are very likely to find out that the fruit of the female Ginkgo tree has a very foul odor. Thus, many homeowners that want to add one of these pretty trees to their landscape choose a male-only cultivator like the Autumn Gold Gingko.

Ginkgo trees are slow-growers and make great shade trees. In addition, they are often found lining city streets due to their high-tolerance to stressors. They are also resistant to many pests and diseases. They can reach a height of 50 to 80 feet depending on the species. As far as tree care goes, these trees are fairly low-maintenance and can thrive in almost any kind of soil.

Tree Companies in Ocean County are Very Familiar with the Flowering Dogwood

Pink Flowering Dogwood close up up flowersWhen many think of an ornamental tree, they often think of topiary-type trees. But when it comes to adding beauty and interest to a yard, no tree does it better than the Flowering Dogwood. Coming in varieties of white, pink, and red, these trees bloom in the spring and show off vivid colors in the fall. People aren’t the only ones who enjoy the Dogwood tree. Wildlife is attracted to these trees’ beautiful red berries. Dogwood trees are mostly known as under-canopy trees preferring shade to full-sun. However, with excellent care by its owner along with professional care by tree companies in Ocean County like Ben Bivins Tree Experts.

These favorite trees grow to be on average about 30 feet tall and spread about 30 feet wide so be sure to give them plenty of space. They require minimal care once well-established so are great for all homeowners. They do not need a lot of pruning or trimming and demand little interference in terms of fertilization. There is not much bad to say about a flowering dogwood so if you need a pretty, sturdy, easy tree for your yard, check out this species.

This Lesser-Known Tree is Perfect for Ocean County Yards

Upward view of Golden Rain TreeThe Golden Rain Tree is a deciduous tree. It is used effectively as both a shade tree and a point of visual interest in a yard. These trees flower from early to mid-summer with clusters of yellow blooms. Not much else is flowering at this time and the yellow color is especially rare for a tree. These blooms attract bees. This can be a positive for some, but may be a reason to avoid these trees for others.

Growing up to thirty feet tall and thirty feet wide, it doesn’t have much preference to soil type. They do prefer full sun, but can do just fine in partial shade. To help with this these trees are fairly drought-tolerant. In addition to that, they are not bothered by city pollutants and is resistant to many pests and diseases. This hardiness makes it great for private properties and a popular choice for street trees. As far as care, the Golden Rain tree won’t require you to call tree companies in Barnegat often at all. Their roots very rarely cause issues for hardscaping and don’t need much trimming unless it is damaged.

Tree Companies in Barnegat Love Trees of All Kinds

We could continue to discuss species after species of tree month after month. Because we, like all tree companies in Ocean County, love trees of all kinds. We are happy to be able to provide experienced, expert tree care for properties all over Ocean and Monmouth counties. If you’ve been neglecting your trees, give us a call today!

September 30, 2021
Tree Companies in Barnegat Should Have These Qualities

Experience, Licensed & Insured, Honesty in orange font on gray boxes over picture of worker of tree companies in BarnegatSelecting the right company to provide any service for you or your home is an important decision. When you are searching through tree companies in Barnegat, there are certain qualities and features to keep an eye out for. While neglecting care for your trees altogether is the worst-case scenario, hiring the wrong company to provide that care is almost as bad. Trimming, pruning, and delimbing are more than just cutting branches off haphazardly. It takes precise planning and thought. When done wrong, tree care can actually harm a tree. Furthermore, safety is a great concern when it comes to tree service. This means that not only are experience and knowledge are important, proper licensing and insurance are equally as important.

Tree Companies in Barnegat Need Experience

This may seem like something that shouldn’t need to be said. Hiring a company with no experience in any industry is usually not a good idea. However, when it comes to tree care, there is no replacement for experience. No two jobs are ever the same. Whether it is limited access to the project area or proximity to residences where tree removal is necessary, every assignment has some type of hurdle or difficult spot. Making the wrong decision about these complications can lead to property damage and more importantly, injuries. Always investigate a company on sites like the Better Business Bureau and multiple customer review sites to get a better picture of customers experiences. Even companies that have been around for a long time does not mean they have an equivalent amount of experience. On top of experience, knowledge and training are vital as well.

Licensing and Insurance are Imperative

Tree service can be a dangerous job and requires the use of heavy machinery. For these reasons and more, proper licensing and insurance for tree companies in Barnegat is necessary. Ben Bivins Tree Experts specifically is a NJ Licensed Contractor, a Licensed Tree Care Operator, and carry an NJTC (New Jersey Tree Care) number. We also employ the proper divers for our heavy equipment and conduct all our jobs according to OSHA safety standards. Companies without the appropriate licensing and insurance coverage are lacking more than just a certification. These accolades are proof of education, training, and experience. According to the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts “… individuals may become Licensed Tree Experts (LTEs) or Licensed Tree Care Operators (LTCOs) by passing an examination and demonstrating good moral character.” To even take the exam, professionals must have a minimum of three years of experience.

Honesty is an Important Quality for Tree Companies in Barnegat

We always want to give our clients accurate information. We do not give prices for projects until we see the location for ourselves. Once we have reviewed the property and fully understand exactly what the homeowner wants can we accurately provide an estimate. “Trimming a few branches” can mean very different things to different people. This is why it is important for us to speak with our clients in depth about exactly what is wanted. Only then can we give you an accurate estimate, but also decide if what you want is actually best for the tree. Simply because you would love to remove all the branches of a tree all the way up to the top does not mean that it is a reasonable request. Trees can only stand so much injury at one time to be able to heal well.

Trustworthiness, honesty, experience, and certifications are all valuable qualities to search for in a tree service company. We hope that if you select us to take care of your trees, you’ll find we do it with care, professionalism, and safety. Contact us today to schedule your free quote!

August 31, 2021
Barnegat Tree Companies Agree on This Seasonal Guide to Tree Care – Part 2
We’re back this month to discuss fall and winter tree care. It may seem like there isn’t much to do for your trees during these seasons. Trees, however, can benefit from many services that are best done while the tree is dormant or preparing for dormancy. One of the main tasks that is top priority in tree service for fall and winter is scheduling an assessment by a tree expert. All Barnegat tree companies agree that only an inspection by… Read More
July 31, 2021
Expert Tree Company in Barnegat Seasonal Tree Care – Part 1
Taking care of your trees is always important. Nonetheless, sometimes misguided attempts at care end up causing destruction rather than healing. Just as any other living thing, trees can get stressed. Just as stress has negative impacts on people, this type of pressure can cause irreparable damages to trees. Performing the wrong care task at the wrong time or incorrectly can lead to tree death. Providing tree care is good.  However, knowing what is best to do and when during… Read More